Étrier Ellipse - Compositi Performance

Eine einzigartige, robuste eiförmige Form für Stärke und lange Lebensdauer. Der flexible Bogen mit Formgedächtnis zur Vermeidung von Stresspunkten. Bei einem Sturz öffnet der Bügel sich und befreit den Fuß sofort.

Die stoßdämpfende Trittfläche nimmt Stöße auf und verringert Spannungen in den Knien und Gelenken. Spikes als Option für zusätzliche Rutschfestigkeit. Perfektes Gleichgewicht mit einem tiefen Schwerpunkt. Alle diese Eigenschaften führen zu einer nie erreichten Sicherheit, Stabilität und Komfort.

Drei anpassbare Teile mit einer Auswahl aus 15 Farben.

Image de l'étrier Ellipse - Compositi

Video von Ellipse

Persönliche Gestaltung

Drei anpassbare Teile mit einer Auswahl von 15 Farben.

Im detail

  1. Ergonomie & Sicherheit

    Flexibler Bogen mit Formgedächtnis

  2. Austauschbare Öse

  3. Flexible Technologie

  4. Stoßdämpfend/Komfort

  5. Persönliche Gestaltung

  6. Stabilität



The shape is weird ! What is the use of the bottom part under the tread ?

To ensure the safety of the rider with a single-branch polymer stirrup, it is necessary to put a metal insert to reinforce it. Mechanics of material show that the ability to withstand stresses and strains is lower when a right angle exists (like the standard metal inserts). Unlike stirrups that use an L-shaped design for their insert, our Ellipse stirrup uses a stainless steel C-shaped insert which acts like a flexible bow making it unbreakable. In addition to its high strength, the Ellipse stirrups provide maximum support at the end of the tread, where the force is most applied. The bottom part under the tread is the bottom of the C-shape metal insert.

Are these stirrups really unbreakable ?

We have developed and patented a C-shape metal insert inside the Ellipse stirrup that make it unbreakable. For this reason we offer an unlimited warranty to users on the metal insert (see instructions for details).

How can you tell right from left ?

It's very simple, the letters "R" (right) and "L" (left) are engraved on the inside of the flexible branch that must always face outwards when riding. Also take note of the fitting orientation (front / rear) of the stirrup. The wide soleplate is indeed bevelled on the side where you enter your foot to find the right position and take full advantage of the shock absorption system.

How do you set up the 45% eyelets on the ELLIPSE stirrups ?

In order to distinguish the right stirrup from the left stirrup, the letters "R" (right) and "L" (left) are engraved on the flexible branch that must always be on the outside. In a nutshell: The "R + R" eyelets with the "R" flexible branch and the "L + L" eyelets with the "L" flexible branch

Can you change the soles ?

As with all our stirrups equipped with the shock absorbing system, Ellipse soles are not interchangeable. They exist in 2 versions: SOFT version for a maximum comfort, or PRO version for ultra grip with stainless spikes.

How much do they cost in store?

Retail price for Ellipse SOFT starts from 189 € and for Ellipse PRO (with spikes) from 199 €.

Can we change the spikes when they are worn?

There is no possibility to replace the spikes. These are made of stainless steel and slightly oversized to increase their lifetime.

Are the 2 eyelet models supplied with a pair of stirrups?

Absolutely. The stirrups are factory-fitted with open eyelets (45° stirrups) but you can replace them with conventional eyelets supplied along with a tool (allen wrench)