Where would renowned design and manufacturing quality be without paying close attention to finish? A quick look at what Compositi has to offer…

Surface finish

Depending on the zone, our product surfaces alternate matt, satin or shiny finishes. It’s a beautiful way of illuminating their design, highlighting details. And to make your stirrups look even cooler, you can also choose a carbon-look finish including an anti-UV varnish (PROFILE, PREMIUM and REFLEX).


The colour of a stirrup or other accessories will doubtlessly give a little personalised touch to your mounting. Some of our stirrups are available in black, brown or silver grey. The PREMIUM and REFLEX soles, as well as HOTSPUR spur tips, are also available in a choice of 14 colours.


Apart from colour, there are other ways of giving your Compositi product a look to match your style. For example, you could also choose to print your logo on it advertising your brand, stables, company… And for safety-conscious riders, we provide a 3M reflective sticker: a real asset in poor visibility.

Anything else you need or long for? Please let us know !