Made in Belgium


Our entire product range is designed and manufactured exclusively in Belgium. This commitment relies, above all, on a highly pragmatic priority: constantly offering our customers top of the range quality over the years. This implies perfect command of the entire design and production process.

To get to this point, we have chosen to work with a network of partners with proven know-how who, being local and highly skilled, can match our demanding needs for expertise and fast turnaround.


To draw up our Compositi range, our in-house designers work closely with Belgian design firms (Phil Design Studio, IOL Strategic Design…). Combining our skills provides undeniable added value in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, ease of use and safety.

 Technical development

Before being put on sale, each of our new products undergoes a severe battery of tests run by material strength experts and horse health professionals. Traceability mechanisms are also implemented for our products.

In the same way, the Collective Centre for the Belgian technological industry (SIRRIS) takes care of the strength tests on our prototypes to guarantee rider safety. Aspects linked to horse wellbeing are also checked by the Mont-le-Soie European Horse Centre and Liège University (ULg).

Approval in the field

What better way to assess a product than using it in the field? Compositi relies on experienced international riders (Jérôme Guéry, Belgian Show-jumping champion, Virginie Caulier Eventing Olympian at London 2012) to do this job.

With their help, we can test and approve each product in-situ.


Production comes from our own manufacturing unit in Belgium. This unit is backed by 30 years’ experience in producing technical polymer parts. Even there, quality is everything explaining why we only use Dupont ® brand technical polymers.

By producing our own accessories, we can permanently guarantee our customers optimum quality.