Cantle protector

The universal clip COLEO provides ideal saddle protection at the cantle and extends its life.

Dual use : unsaddled (storage, transport, etc.) or riding (may be fastened with two stainless steel screws supplied).

It is suitable for all types of saddles due to its specially designed shape and the flexibility.
The elastomere lining ensures strong grip and leather protection.

May leave a mark on the saddle.


  • Unsaddled
  • Riding (possibility of fastening)


  • Universal clip
  • Grip
  • Extends your saddle’s life


  • Hard case : black or brown
  • Grip : 12 colors



made in belgium


For your stirrups to last a long time, they require regular maintenance, and must be used responsibly and in keeping with their purpose.

Therefore, always be sure to: Store your stirrups in a location protected from moisture, heat, cold and sun when you are not riding. Use water and a gentle soap (non-corrosive) to clean your stirrups.

Recommended lifetime of the stirrups

5 years from the manufacturing date (see date stamp)

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