√Čtrier Ellipse - Compositi Performance

With its sleek lines, the EOLE stirrup has been specially created by our design team to provide you with the highest level of comfort and performance.

Its wide soleplate with integrated shock absorber provides a unique feeling of lightness.

Its shock absorption system tilts backwards to follow the natural movement of your foot, releasing tension in your knees and joints.

Just like ELLIPSE, our single-branch model, the EOLE stirrup is available in two versions: our SOFT elastomer version, or our PRO version with stainless steel spikes, interchangeable eyelets for proper positioning and a choice of 15 colours.


Customisable in 15 colours

The EOLE™ range is available in two versions


with stainless steel spikes


with elastomer soleplate

In details

  1. Passive safety

  2. Interchangeable eyelet

  3. Comfort and shock absorption

  4. Personalisation

  5. Stability