5 in 1 spurs

5 different models in only one  spur ! Its asymmetric shape improves the rider’s
sensations while at the same time increasing precision. The Hotspur kit contains five models: Prince of Wales short and  long, the bowl, the hammer and the caster. This spur is highly resistant to shocks and damp, even at low temperatures.


  • Beginners and experienced riders


  • All-in-one spurs
  • Highly resistant
  • Ergonomic
  • Adult Size


  • Body : black
  • Ends : 16 colors



made in belgium


For your stirrups to last a long time, they require regular maintenance, and must be used responsibly and in keeping with their purpose.

Therefore, always be sure to: Store your stirrups in a location protected from moisture, heat, cold and sun when you are not riding. Use water and a gentle soap (non-corrosive) to clean your stirrups.

Recommended lifetime of the stirrups

5 years from the manufacturing date (see date stamp)

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