Customizable stirrup

To mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of its first polymer stirrup, Compositi presents its new designer stirrup, the PREMIUM. The innovative materials used to produce this stirrup make it even more effective and comfortable, while retaining the qualities of the brand : elegance, light weight, sturdiness. Moreover, you can personalise it by opting for one of the many sole colours available.


  • Experienced riders


  • Reinforced grip
  • Highly resistant to exertion
  • 2 sizes: adult and child


  • Body : black, silver grey or carbon-look
  • Sole :16 different colors



made in belgium


For your stirrups to last a long time, they require regular maintenance, and must be used responsibly and in keeping with their purpose.

Therefore, always be sure to: Store your stirrups in a location protected from moisture, heat, cold and sun when you are not riding. Use water and a gentle soap (non-corrosive) to clean your stirrups.

Recommended lifetime of the stirrups

5 years from the manufacturing date (see date stamp)

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