Étrier Ellipse - Compositi Performance

The ultimate high-performance ergonomic stirrup. Weighing in at just 100gr/pair, this ultra-light, extra-strong moulded polymer stirrup is a winner. Its unique shape with a wider soleplate provides greater comfort for all riding styles. An anti-slip sole provides better grip. And it’s impact and moisture resistant and unaffected by low temperatures.

In details

  1. Ultra-light (< 100 g/pair)

  2. Extra-strong

  3. Innovative ergonomics

  4. Ultra-grip


How can you tell right from left ?

It's very easy, both mentions RIGHT and LEFT are engraved on the outer side of the stirrups. Another way to check: the flat side of the stirrup always touches the horse and the wide part of the stirrup always faces forward (tip-toe riding).

What is the weight of a pair of X-Race stirrups?

Less than 100 grams a pair

Is the grip sole replaceable?

In fact, we supply a pair of spare grip soles in the box.

How much do they cost in store?

Retail price for X-race starts from 180 €